Kimagure Orange Road

Official Blurb:

"Kyosuke's a high-school kid with psychic powers and a big problem. Two beautiful girls are chasing him and he can't decide which one to fall for. His special powers make the situation worse not better!"

Creator:          Matsumoto Izumi
Character design: Akemi Takada
Copyright:        Toho/Studio Perriot

Label:            MVM
Language Format:  Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Translation:      Shin Kurokawa, Richard Uyeyama

Volume no.:       1             2               3
Running time:     50 mins       52 mins         52 mins
Certificate:      15            12              12
Catalogue no:     MV1008        MV1009          MV1015
Price:            £12.99        £12.99          £12.99
Release Date:     8th May 2000  10th July 2000  11th Sept 2000 

Volume no.:       4             5
Running time:     50            69 mins
Certificate:      12            12
Catalogue no:     MV1016        MV1017
Price:            £12.99        £13.99
Release Date:     4th Dec 2000  2nd April 2001