Iria: The Animation

volume 2 sleeve

Official Blurb:

"This series is Japanese animation at its best, with great scripts, fantastic artwork and a soundtrack to match. The story follows the fortunes of bounty hunter Iria who, with the help of her brother Glenn and their partner Bob, goes to the aid of a floundering spaceship. Here they encounter the evil Zeiram who is feared in every corner of the galaxy and exists only to kill and destroy."

"Glenn is killed, but his voice is heard throughout the series to guide Iria in key moments, giving Iria hope that he may still be alive."

"Iria is determined to find the truth about their mission and why, according to bent official records, it never existed. In her quest she encounters all manner of weird and wonderful beings..."

Original work:    Keita Amemiya
Director:         Tetsurou Amino
Character design: Ryuosuke Otonashi
Music:            Yoichi Yoshikawa
Copyright:        Crowd/Bandai Visual/Mitsubishi Corporation/Banpresto

VHS version:
Language:         English
Translation:      Neil Nadelman
Label:            Pioneer

Volume:           1               2               3
Running time:     58 mins         58 mins         58 mins
Certificate:      12              12              12
Catalogue no:     PIO 10043       PIO 10044       PIO 10046
Price:            £12.99          £12.99          £12.99
Release Date:     17th Aug 1998   7th Sept 1998   5th Oct 1998