Official Blurb:

"They look like high school students - hip, cute and fun. But under that babe exterior lies the cool metal of an alien. In fact, Mew and Mica have been sent from another planet to protect the earth where they're required to give their all, using their alien capabilities against a succession of nasty looking adversaries."

"In volume one, ' The Earth is, The Earth is in a Big Bind' the girls are lounging by the pool when they encounter an enemy creature. 'Kurageman' - a giant jelly-fish. What with this and a giant locust to contend with, the girls have got their work cut out."

"Volume two, 'Peace on Earth, Love humans', tells the story of how the Hyper Dolls go to the resvue when "Mimizuman", a giant earth worm appears at a fireworks display."

"Both volumes also feature ten minutes of live drama in original Japanese script with English subtitles."

Original author: Shinpei Ito
Director:        Mokoto Moriwaki
Screenplay:      Ryo Motohira
Copyright:       Shinpei Ito/Tokuma Shoten.Pioneer LDC inc.

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    40/40 mins
Certificate:     12/12
Catalogue no:    PIO 10034/PIO 10035
Price:           £8.99 each
Release Date:    6th Apr/6th Apr 1998