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Official Blurb:

"In 21st Century Hong Kong, The Morgan Institute headquarters are pioneering the Genocyber: the ultimate human being with the power to destroy the universe. However, the Institute is blown up in mysterious circumstances killing Dr. Morgan and his wife. Fourteen years on, Morgan's assistant, Dr. Kenneth, is determined to satisfy his megalomaniac desires and continues to produce the Genocyber at the Kuron Institute."

"Dr Kenneth's key to the project, Diana, is convinced that he is her father and saved her life once. She repays him by using her unique psychic powers to contact Elaine, the missing link in Genocyber. Diana is his only hope to fulfil his plans, until she discovers her true identity."

"Based on the original comic strip by AD Police artist Tony Takezaki and directed by Koichi Ohata, the Genocyber 3 part OVA release is an electrifying blend of computer-generated animation, ultra violence and cyber-suited psychic action."

Director:        Koichi Ohata
Screenplay:      Noburu Aikawa & Koichi Ohta
Copyright:       Artmic/Plex

First release:
Language Format: English Language
Running time:    45/23/25 mins
Certificate:     18/18/15
Label:           Manga Video
Catalogue no:    MANV 1062/MANV 1067/MANV 1069
Price:           £9.99/£5.99/£5.99
Release Date:    5th Dec 1994/9th Jan/13th Feb 1995

Compilation version:
Language Format: English Language
Running time:    93 mins
Certificate:     18
Label:           Manga Video
Catalogue no:    MANV 1139
Release Date:    13th May 1996


From a manga by Tony Takezaki, who also penned the AD Police manga. The visuals in #1 are often quite stunning, with an unusual range of backgrounds, graphics and character designs of surprising beauty. It's very violent and bloody, and there are scenes where the screen looks like a butcher's shop. In common with OEDO 808, the dub incorporates gratuitous swearing. As for the plot, it's the usual rubbish of powerful and secretive corporation developing a cyber-weapon which gets out of control and demonstates homicidal tendencies. The only novelty is that it looks like a young girl. #2 has inferior visuals and more of the same nonsense.

Worth seeing #1 (in any language, it doesn't matter) for the visuals. [Geoff Cowie]

Comment from newsgroups:

If you see this title, skip it.  I really hate to tell people to avoid this
title, because, believe it or not, this show seems to be genuine 'auteur'
anime and in anime we don't have enough of it.  The artist, or rather the
artisan, who is responsible seems to be Koishi Ohata(sp?) and he seems to
be short on his list of pallettes he can effectively use.  To be effective,
one must be able to restrain, but he's all showoff.  "Oh, god, look at this
tender moment!", "Oh, god, look at this monster!", "Oh, god, look at this
gory scean!", etc.  There are some interesting sceans, but it also lacks
the restraint, and , as  a result, sticks out instead of blending in.
Worst of all, K.O's pallette seems to lack 'entertainment'.  In future,
K.O.'s work might be better, but for now avoid Genocyber.