Genesis Surviver Gaiarth

volume 2 sleeve volume 3 sleeve

Director:         Hiroyuki Kitazume/Shinji Aramaki/Hideaki Ooba
Screenplay:       Shinji Aramaki/Emu Arii/Hiroyuki Kitazume
Character design: Hiroyuki Kitazume
Copyright:        AIC and Toshiba EMI

First release:
Language Format:  Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:     51/45/46 mins
Certificate:      15/PG/15
Label:            Anime Projects
Catalogue no:     AP094-006/AP094-007/AP094-008
Price:            £12.99 each
Release Date:     ?/31st Oct/28th Nov 1994

Second release:
Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     142 mins
Certificate:      15
Label:            MVM
Catalogue no:     MV 1005
Price:            £14.99
Release Date:     2nd August 1999


This attractively designed animated video is set in a future where the remnants of humanity are both sheltered and threatened by the war-robots created by their ancestors and which have near-magical powers.

In the first of three action-adventures, Ital, a young man raised by an ageing War-roid, meets Sahari, delicious red-haired leader of a band of junk-hunters, and Zaxon, an amnesiac War-roid with a fabled past, in combat against an old evil.

The action is well-paced but I found the mixture of SF and swords-and-sorcery wasn't very believable. On the other hand the Japanese animation work and character designs look good and the music is lively. Should appeal to younger viewers, and animation buffs too. [Geoff Cowie]