Lupin III - The Fuma Conspiracy

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"At a shine in Hida, Goemon is getting mamed to a beauty named Purple, heiress to the House of Suminawa, while his friends Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko look on with envy, At the ceremony Purple hands Geomon her family's gift, an antique jar, as she does so a rope drops and the jar is snatched. Geomon deftly recovers the gift, but Fuma bandits capture his bride and offer him an exchange of her for the jar."

"For over 4 centuries the Suminawa family have been known for their fine treasures, which are hidden underground somewhere in the mountains of Hida. The Fuma gang are determined to steal whatever they can, and the jar contains the clue to the location of the treasure. Purple's grandfather tells Geomon to forget about his bride as the treasure must never fall into the hands of the crooks."

"Lupin, who puts pretty girls before all else, with the exception of big treasure, promptly goes into action. The news of his sudden appearance is met with both surprise and delight by Inspector Zenigata, who had wrongly assumed him to be dead."

"Although Zenigata recovers Purple, Fuma gets the jar. Fujiko, who has been spying on the Fuma's hideout, is captured, this enrages Lupin, and he is out for revenge. Lupin ventures into the cave where the treasure is hidden, and there he begins to apply his celebrated repertoire of tricks."

Creator:      Monkey Punch
Director:     Masayuki Ozeki
Screenplay:   Makoto Naito
Music:        Kiyoshi Miyaura
Copyright:    Toho Co. Ltd/Tokyo Movie Shinsha

VHS version:
Language:     Japanese with English Subtitles
Label:        Western Connection
Running time: 73 mins
Certificate:  12
Catalogue no: WEST 027
Price:        £12.99
Release Date: 23rd January 1995


Wonderfully colourful 73 minute cops'n robbers caper featuring the longest and most over the top car chase you've ever seen. The Fuma Clan steals an heirloom but master thief Lupin and his friends biker girl Fumiko, samurai Goemon and Lupin's enemy Inspector Zenigata are soon hot on the trail. A real treat. [Geoff Cowie]