Final Fantasy

Official Blurb:

"Once long ago, Planet R's very existence was threatened by evil sinister subterranean forces. Many years have passed since Prettz and his comrades won the war against Exdeth. Peace has brought comfort and forgetfulness - many no longer remember the battle and the reasons for which it was waged. This hard won peace rests on the sanctity of a holy shrine; here, the four sacred crystals of earth, water, fire and wind are guarded. It seems they are in danger. Bat's descendants are despatched to protect the crystals. Dogged by Rouge's leather clad army of female pirates, they must pass many dangerous obstacles that protect the magic crystals. Only one can survive."

Original story:  Square
Director:        Rin Taro
Screenplay:      Satoru Akahori
Copyright:       Square/NTT Publishing Co., Ltd.

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    60 mins each
Certificate:     PG/PG
Label:           Pioneer
Catalogue no:    PIO 10050 / PIO 10051
Price:           £12.99 each
Release Date:    8th February 1999