Debutante Detective Corps

Official Blurb:

"Someone's trying to kill the richest girls in Japan, but when the girls in question are the five members of the Debutante Detective Corps, it's the assasins who are in serious trouble! Meet Kimiko and Miyuki Ayanokouji, Youko Ryezaki, Reika Shu and Nina Kirov, five of the most incredible young women in the known universe. Not only do they have a combined wealth that equals the gross national product of Japan, they also each have a special ability that comes in handy when dealing with those pesky things like terrorists and kidnappers! Unfortunately, these abilities don't make life simple for Daichi and Nomura, the poor police detectives who've been assigned to protect these feminine fire brands from the forces of evil... especially when the girls just want to have fun. The only person who's having a worse time than the police and the killers is the poor principal of the exclusive school the Debs attend. After all, it's one thing to have to revise your cirriculum on a daily basis; it's another thing entirely to have to keep rebuilding the school!"

Director:        Akiyuki Shinbo
Screenplay:      Juzo Mutsuki
Music:           Takeshi Haketa
Copyright:       Toho/Head Room/Marcus

Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Translation:     Masako Arakawa, Chris Hutts
Script:          Matt Greenfield

Running time:    30 mins
Certificate:     PG
Label:           ADV Films
Catalogue no:    VHSDD/001S
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    19th January 1998