Battle Skipper

Official Blurb:

"Welcome to the St Ignacio School, a well respected educational institute for girls. That is, until the after school activities were expanded to include mass destrution and global domination." "From the team that brought you the cult classic Plastic Little."

Director:         Takashi Watanabe
Screenplay:       Hidemi Kamata
Character design: Takashi Kobayashi
Copyright:        TOMY/Victor Entertainment/ARTMIC

Label:            Kiseki Films
Language Format:  English Language

Volume no.:       1                2                3
Running time:     30 mins          30 mins          30 mins
Certificate:      PG               12               PG
Catalogue no:     KIS 93058        KIS 93060        KIS93061
Price:            £7.99            £10.99           £10.99
Release Date:     21st July 1998   18th June 2001   17th Sept 2001