Big Wars

Official Blurb:

"It is the dawn of the 21st Century. Mankind has terraformed and colonised the once inhospitable Mars, but we are not alone..."

"From the production team that brought you M.D.Geist."

Original story:    Yoshio Aramaki
Screenplay:        Kazumi Koide
Character Design:  Mic Mikuriya
Mechanical design: Kow Yokoyama
Copyright:         Yoshio Aramaki/Tokuma Japan Communications Co. Ltd

Language Format:   Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Translators:       William Flanagan, Yuko Sato

Running time:      75 mins
Certificate:       18 (cut)
Catalogue no:      KIS 94059
Label:             Kiseki Films
Price:             £10.99
Release Date:      August 1998

Comment from newsgroups:

There are many interesting scenes, specially when our hero Captain is almost
influenced by the Gods in a dream sequence with many cherubins{sp}, a Catholic
church, and a priest in full regalia.  His visions may have been influenced by
his perception of the Catholic faith and its predominant imagery.

Damn, you know, now that I think about it, later in the picture there is very
heavy use of the concept of guilt in order to thwart the ultimate plan against
the Gods/God.  And the carrier "Hell" is used to intimidate the Earth
forces/humanity in order to conquer them!  Could it be!!  This whole movie is a
metaphor for the struggle between humanity and the Catholic faith!?  Masaka!

Oh, the animation is pretty good, the musical score is well suited for the theme
of the movie.  The action is typical warfare.  There is some sex in the film,
all perfectly relevant to the story, average in its intensity.  There is some
nudity. And plenty of shooting.

Ryan Matheuszik:
Sorry Carlos, but here we dissagree. I thought the animation was only OK at 
best, the music fairly stock and the actonpretty non-existant. Except for a 
small amount at the end, there is none. The sex I could have done without, and 
overall, I have to say, the movie was a flop. Crap Wars would have been a 
better title. It promised big action, and delivered noting except for a small, 
undevelloped plot. Bleh!

Carl Horn:
I can recommend it. Very much like a good war movie, with all the elements
of intrigue, espionage, propaganda, and combat included. Superior art
direction, too, with a realistic, noir-ish feel like BLACK JACK,

C. Mitch Hagmaier:
And I can recommend you avoid it.  Nothing like a good war movie (or
a good movie period), its combat scenes are unlikely, it's intrigue
unlovely and dreadfully slow, and its characters cardboardish and 
stiff.  You want a good war picture, go watch _In Harm's Way_ or 
_The Cockpit_.  _Big Wars_ has as much warmth and personality as
a puddle of mercury in an abandoned Superfund site.