Bubblegum Crash

Official Blurb:

"On the Streets of Mega Tokyo it takes a special kind of heroine to fight the hardwired forces of chaos - dedicated to justice, the vigilante Knight Sabers, Sylia, Priss,Nene and Linna, defend the city against the cyber-conspiracy that threatens to engulf it...."

"When a squad of hi-tech mercenaries led by the infamous Colonel Lando begin systematically hitting banks in Mega Tokyo, the AD Police cannot stand in their way. Sylia brings the Knight Sabers back to active status with one mission - hunt down the Colonel and bring him back to justice. But Lando is stealing more than just money, and somewhere out there, a deadly plan is about to move in to action...."

Original Work:    Toshimichi Suzuki
Director:         Hiroyuki Fukushima
Screenplay:       Arii Emu
Character Design: Kenichi Sonoda
Copyright:        Artmic

Language Format: English Language
Cast: Sylia:     Louise Russell
      Priss:     Julia Brahms 
      Linna:     Stacey Gregg
      Nene:      Barbra Barnes
      Leon:      Matthew Sharp
      Daley:     Michael McGhee

Running time:    47/45/46 mins
Certificate:     12/12/12
Label:           Manga Video
Catalogue no:    MANV 1150/MANV 1155/MANV 1156
Price:           £9.99 each
Release Date:    12th Aug/9th Sep/14th Oct 1996


This is Manga Video's own dubbed production of the sequel series to Bubblegum Crisis.

A gang of hi-tech mercenaries are using battle armour suits to raid banks in Mega Tokyo. The outgunned AD Police are powerless to prevent them. The Knight Sabers have been quietly pursuing their various careers, but they reform when alerted to the new menace, and a violent showdown occurs.

The 'Crash' episodes form a less than satisfactory sequel to 'Crisis'. Manga Video's production in CRASH #1 is quite satisfactory as far as it goes, but the material is lacking. In the sequel, the capabilities of the "Boomer" androids are played down, even though they had frightening abilities in the original series. The new stories are flashy and violent without ever being particularly convincing. Verdict: a miss. [Geoff Cowie]