Super Atragon

volume 2 sleeve

Official Blurb:

"The Earth's polar ice caps start melting at an alarming rate and the United Nations sends an expeditionary force to investigate a strange black cylindrical object lurking in the stratosphere above the North Pole. The team is destroyed by a mysterious force leaving scientists and experts baffled - the United Nations is really starting to panic! Under pressure to take some serious action, the UN decides to launch its own "Special Peace Keeping Force" - an armada of mighty battleships - to confront the unknown power. The whole world watches in horror as the UN's battleships are obliterated by the invaders' giant gravitonic rings! The Earth's nations are helpless as the enemy prepares a full-scale attack. However, as the World waits in anticipation of its fate, a secret organisation of men and women begin to mobilise a last ditch defence; a secret weapon built for World War II but never used. After fifty dormant years, the ultimate attack sub is about to take its' virgin voyage and attempt to rescue the World..."

Based on a novel by: Shunno Oshikawa
Director:            Kazuyoshi Katayama
Screenplay:          Nobuaki Kishima
Character design:    Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Mecha design:        Makoto Kobayashi
Music Composer:      Masamichi Amano
Music performed by:  The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Copyright:           Kaitei Gunkan Seisaku Iinkai

VHS version:
Language:            English
Label:               ADV Films

Volume:              1               2
Running time:        60 mins         50 mins
Certificate:         PG              PG
Catalogue no:        VHSSA/001       VHSSA/002D
Price:               £12.99     £12.99
Release Date:        31st Oct 1996   13th Oct 1997

Comment from newsgroups:

Mike Breen:
I picked up part 1 a couple of weeks ago and was _very_ impressed (as my
roommate said, "A WWII super-battleship, imminent destruction of the Earth,
and 'alien' chicks, It's right up your alley").  It is very much an
"old-style" anime, and as you said no half-naked 14-year-olds with
superpowers.  It reminded me a _lot_ of Yamato, actually, but not in the
way of being a re-tread.  I'm glad that the second part lives up to the
first part.  Nothing p*sses me off more than an OAV that blows it in the
last episode (MacII, anyone?).