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Official Blurb:

"Using both computer rendering and traditional cel techniques, Armageddon represents the cutting edge of animation."

"Four billion years ago, in the Andromeda Nebula, an ambitious project was launched. An ancient race of aliens, seeing that there was no other intelligent life in the universe, set their massive super computers the task of seeding more races that could grow to sentience. The project was known as the Omega Program."

"The Human race was the result of this project."

"But humans were not the only race to grow from the Omega Program, and lurking in the future is the deadliest threat that the human race has ever faced. In time, the products of this program are destined to clash in violent opposition. Hopelessly outnumbered by the technologically superior enemy, Earth has one last hope - the secret failsafe of the Omega Program - the Delta Boy - living avatar of the super computer that began life on Earth."

"His only problem is staying alive long enough to save his future - and that of all humanity!!"

Original author: Hyunse Lee
Director:        Hyunse Lee
Copyright:       Daewoo Electronics Ltd.

VHS version:
Language:        English
Label:           Manga Video
Running time:    90 mins
Certificate:     12
Catalogue no:    MANV 1187
Price:           £13.99
Release Date:    8th September 1997


After having read about this film, I looked forward to see it. It sounded like a good SF tale with a decent meaning about humanity's origins and our future. I thought it might be a bit strange for a Manga Video release, but was prepared to overlook that.

How wrong I was. This film could have been a Science Fiction masterpiece, an anime 2001. But it was wasted. This film is basically eye candy, nothing more. The film starts on twentieth century Earth. A young boy is targeted by beautiful women (surprise, surprise) and an alien. It gets a bit confused at this point, but it seems that time moves forward to when this boy is 17. It then transpires that this boy is "The Delta Boy", the one who can save the world of the future from evil aliens. It then turns into a total mess involving alien supercomputers, invading fleets and humans removed from the Earth millions of years ago.

The main thing wrong with this film (apart from the pathetic plot) is the fact that it is very unoriginal. Space combat bits are ripped off from the Star Wars movies, the Delta Boy's transformation is a complete rip-off of the Incredible Hulk's transformation (his skin even goes a light green colour for a second). The animation is acceptable, not brilliant, although I find the choice of colour pallets very strange (too many greens). The dub is okay (as far as dubs go), with not (too) much manic overacting.

Grade: C - A wasted opportunity. [Daniel Fawcett]

Comment from newsgroups:

Keegan Hall:
It has to be the worst Anime I've
ever seen! I've never been so confused in my entire life. The Dub was
AWFUL and the story was worse.
  If you are tempted to watch Armegeddon, get drunk or stoned and maybe
you will pass out half way through to spare you the PAIN!

Jim McLennan:
Fifteen minutes seen by Jim on timecode, and fallen asleep during...
Starts with some nice computer graphics, but I fear the '12' cert is
going to bar most of the apparent audience...