Angel Cop

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Official Blurb:

"The Special Security Force were formed at the end of the 20th Century to protect Japan's economic security from the deadly threat of international terrorism. This elite ten-man team, with special authorisation to prevent terrorist activities and ensure public safety, have been granted a license to kill. Their newest member - the cold, beautiful and deadly Angel - has to face the greatest threat they've ever known."

"Released in 6 parts, Angel Cop is an explosive tour through the streets of Tokyo, as the violence mounts and time runs out. It's as much as Angel can do just to stay alive, and the odds against her are rising all the time!"

Director:         Ichiro Itano
Screenplay:       Noboru Aikawa
Character design: Nobuteri Yuuki
Copyright:        Ichiro Itano, Soeishinsha

Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     29/30/29/30/25/26 mins
Certificate:      18(cut)/18/18/18(cut)/18/18
Label:            Manga Video
Catalogue no:     MANV 1077/MANV 1082/MANV 1090/
                  MANV 1096/MANV 1101/MANV 1104
Price:            £5.99 each
Release Date:     1st May/5th Jun/3rd Jul/
                  7th Aug/4th Sep/3nd Oct 1995

Compilation version:
Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     207 mins
Certificate:      18(cut)
Label:            Manga Video
Catalogue no:     MANV 1199
Price:            £15.99
Release Date:     10th November 1997


An archetypal 'Cert 18' Manga Video series, full of lethal violence. Volume 1 of this stylish police series looked interesting but the next two volumes step into a higher gear. It has crisp realistic designs and an increasingly convoluted plot involving a communist terrorist outfit, a shoot-to-kill Special Security Force, a shadowy group of Hunters with supernatural powers, governmental corruption and anti-Japan plots, and the kind of heroine who when faced with a hostage situation elects to open fire anyway. With adequate dubbing, heart-stopping action and a plot that is all the more alarming for having some basis in fact, this one really grips. Recommended, but only for viewers who like seeing blood spatter the walls while spent cartridges tinkle across the floor.[Geoff Cowie]

Comments from newsgroups:

Joe Perez:
I wonder if Manga Entertainment's changing the storyline so that the villian
of the series is no longer an America "controlled by the Jews" will pacify
purchasers of anime in this country. It seems that they are saying "Hey the
producers of this piece are aniti-American, anti semetic, and put out a video
filled with pure lies and falsehoods, but what the heck. As long as they give
us permission to cut THAT part of the story out of the video, why don't you
indirectly support that studio with your filthy American dollars by buying
the video from ME.

Geoffrey Scott:
I flamed them out quite badly when they first agreed to release this.  I
can't believe they are stupid enough to release this title.  As I said at
the time, just what anime fandom in the US needs...more bad press.  GROAN.
Now, they did send me a nice e-mailed response, but I still think it sucks
that they are supporting the bastards who made this crap in the first place.
(BTW, does anyone have the name of the bastards in question?  What company
made/released this?  Who wrote the screenplay?  I want to avoid
liking/buying anything they do.)  I was considering not buying any Manga
Video stuff after this, but they have too many good titles, gawddamnit!

Mayeen Alam:
One thing I can't understand is why Angel Cop was even picked for
import. The animation sucks. The leading lady is not someone *I* really
cared about (in fact, I wished she would die and give some relief from an
otherwise dreadful storyline involving her mysanthropic machismo). The
whole setup from the beginning was cheesy, contrived, and cliche. The
action was dull. Gratituos, soul-less, and even stratigicaly nonsensical
violence abounded. All in all, a really cheap, forgettable piece of tripe.
On top of that it was racist.