Legend of the 4 Kings

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Official Blurb:

"Descended from the ancient lineage of Gyu, the four Ryudo brothers appear outwardly normal but have inherited incredible special powers. So far, their ordinary life in an inconspicuous suburb of modern day Tokyo has ensured that these supernatural abilities have remained concealed but, after the intervention of the Gozen, their full miraculous potential can no longer be suppressed."

Original story:    Yoshiki Tanaka
   Chapter 1:      Shigeru Ueda
   Chapters 2&4:   Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
   Chapter 3:      Hidemi Kubo
   Chapter 5:      Renji Kawabata
   Chapter 6:      Shinji Sakai
   Chapters 7-9:   Harumi Tamano
   Chapters 10-12: Kyosuke Mikuriya
Character design:  Shunji Murata
Copyright:         Yoshiki Tanaka

VHS version:
Language:          English
Label:             Manga Video

Volume:            1              2              3
Running time:      92 mins        92 mins        92 mins
Certificate:       15             12             12
Catalogue no:      MANV 1064      MANV 1071      MANV 1073
Price:             £12.99    £12.99    £12.99
Release Date:      6th Feb 1995   6th Mar 1995   3rd Apr 1995

Volume:            4              5              6
Running time:      92 mins        92 mins        92 mins
Certificate:       12             12             15
Catalogue no:      MANV 1076      MANV 1081      MANV 1087
Price:             £12.99    £12.99    £12.99
Release Date:      1st May 1995   5th Jun 1995   3rd Jul 1995


This is a twelve-chapter modern fantasy adventure based on an original novel. The four Ryudo brothers are descended from an ancient lineage and appear outwardly normal, living quietly in a Tokyo suburb, but have inherited spectacular supernatural powers. In the first chapter, powerful corrupt forces learn of the brothers' legendary dragon-king lineage and subject them to threats, kidnappings and harassment. The brothers respond with a display of their powers, and the eldest is taken to meet the evil power behind the scenes, Gozen. Subtle it isn't, but this action-adventure is a lot of fun, with well-realised caricatures, and the lively dubbing for once captures well the humorous tone of the videos. I was hooked into viewing the whole tape at one sitting.

The series goes rapidly downhill after the first tape, to the point where I never got past tape 3. [Geoff Cowie]