About Animejin

A history lesson

Way back in the depths of ancient history (about 1990) a dedicated anime fan named Helen McCarthy started the UK's first anime fanzine called Anime UK. after a few years, she was offered the chance to turn professional and started Anime UK magazine. Unfortunately, this left her with a large number of uncompleted subscriptions and no time to continue the fanzine.

Enter yours truely, who thought "yeah, I could do a fanzine". So I took it over, renamed it Animejin and did eight issues of it over the next two years or so. I still have supplies of all those issues if anyone is interested (50p a copy in the UK).

In 1995 I gave up producing the printed version and moved Animejin onto the internet, and here it is.

What's in Animejin

The main content of Animejin is news and reviews. The news is posted to the newsgroup uk.media.animation.anime as well as appearing on this site. I verify all the information used with reliable sources before reporting it, which is why I can sometimes be trailing the rumourmill somewhat in reporting things.

The content of the reviews varies depending on what information I can find. The main sources I use are video sleeves, press releases and industry web sites. The reviews cover most anime released in the UK, but there are a number of titles missing. These are mostly early releases that came out before I started publishing Animejin about which I do not have enough information to assemble a review.


Single handedly writing and maintaining all material here is impossible. If anyone would like to help in anyway, please get in touch. I can always do with more reviewers!